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One of the biggest problems in traditional real estate deals is that the goals of investors and contractors often do not align. Investors are looking to maximize their returns and minimize their risks, while contractors are focused on completing the project on time and on budget. This misalignment can lead to tension and disagreements between the parties, which can ultimately hurt the success of the project. This is where 50/50 Flipps comes in to solve the problem. With our innovative investment model, we align the goals of both investors and contractors to ensure a successful project. Our vetted contractors are incentivized to complete the project on time and on budget, while our investors receive a guaranteed profit share of 50% of the net proceeds of the sale.

By working together towards a shared goal, investors and contractors can achieve greater success and profitability.

Why partnering with 50/50 Flipps is a win-win

Lucrative profit-sharing

50/50 Flipps' profit-sharing model means that contractors and investors share the financial success of the projects they work on. Contractors receive 50% of the net proceeds from each property they work on, while investors earn significant returns on their investment. This approach incentivizes collaboration and teamwork, ensuring that everyone is invested in the success of the project.

Incentivizes high-quality work:

By having a stake in the outcome of the projects they work on, contractors are motivated to deliver their best work. This leads to excellent results for both the company and investors. Investors can rest assured that they are getting top-quality work, while contractors are rewarded for their hard work and commitment to excellence.

Advanced technology and analytics:

50/50 Flipps employs advanced AI and research analytics to evaluate market trends and pinpoint the most promising investment prospects. This ensures that investors and contractors are working on the most lucrative projects, with the greatest potential for return on investment. By using cutting-edge technology, 50/50 Flipps can optimize investment opportunities and achieve unparalleled returns in real estate flipping, benefiting both investors and contractors.

The 50/50 Flipps Process

We partner with a contractor

The first step is to onboard a 50/50 Flipps contractor in the area to partner on a project for one of the investors.

We search for a property

Our acquisition team begins searching for profitable homes that meet the expertise of the contractor within their targeted travel distance.

We lock up the property under contract

Once a profitable home is identified, 50/50 Flipps negotiates aggressive price discounts.
and locks up the property under contract

Our Investor buys the property

The investor closes on the property, and a team agreement is signed with the contractor, allowing them 50% of the proceeds from the sale. The investor does not spend any money on contractor labor or materials. The contractor is only responsible for the labor, while 50/50 Flipps provides the materials.

Contractor performs the work

The contractor completes the job within the agreed-upon time and scope. We will review the quality to ensure the property will pass inspection.

Home is sold for Profit

The home is sold on the market or to an institutional buyer as quickly as possible. The contractor and investor each get paid 50% of the net profit, after reimbursing material costs and paying for closing costs. The process is repeated with a new property.

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